How a 911 Call Recording May Help In Court

how 911 call recording may help in court

Your 911 call recording may:

  1. Come with a records custodian affidavit, certifying its authenticity, making it a strong, viable piece of evidence.
  2. Be influential in convincing the judge of your legal argument.
  3. Corroborate (or refute) witness testimonies.
  4. Serve as corroboration of your own testimony.
  5. Be evidence from a witness you can’t find to subpoena.
  6. Reveal the caller’s emotions and demeanor, which can be very persuasive to a jury.
  7. Contain a crucial piece of evidence that would otherwise not be admissible in court.
  8. Present evidence that the hearsay rule may otherwise prevent you from discussing verbally in court.
  9. Contain content that serves as an evidence building block that helps sway the jury in your favor.
  10. Help you obtain relief (alimony, child support, custodial rights, punitive damages, etc.).

When in a legal court battle, evidence is paramount to proving your case. It’s easy to become overwhelmed during the “discovery” process. The discovery process is the pre-trial phase in a lawsuit in which each party investigates the facts of a case by obtaining evidence to exchange with opposing counsel.  Your attorney will ask you to produce all evidence in your possession. Often times, people overlook the most compelling pieces.

One area of evidence often overlooked is 911 calls placed during an emergency by a victim or witnesses. In many situations, someone has called 911 for emergency assistance. These recorded phone calls will often reveal very important facts that could help a case.

Be sure to act quickly because 911 call recordings are purged after a period of time.

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In your own case, stop and think about any moments in the overall timeline which may have resulted in someone dialing 911 for medical attention or police assistance. Depending on how long your timeline is, multiple 911 calls may have been made. Sitting down with a calendar may help you piece together important dates.


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