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911 Call Recording Stories

The following 911 call recording stories explain some of our clients’ emergency situations where a 911 call recording was helpful.

When an emergency situation takes place, hopefully someone will be available to call 911 for help. Once help arrives and all parties have received medical or police attention, things start to settle down a bit and new issues arise. Auto insurance claims may need to be filed, involving adjusters who will want to know who was at fault. Police reports may need to be filed and questions answered about the event. Medical recovery might be required. While all this is taking place, 911 call recordings may have been filed and available for evidence, information, or closure to these events. Get911Calls services help find not only your 911 call, but any witness calls that may have been placed.

Bike accident hit & run
I was involved in a hit-and-run accident while riding my bike. There were lots of other cars and pedestrians, but the driver who hit me did not stop. I sustained a concussion, a broken wrist and lots of contusions.

An ambulance took me to the hospital and I wasn’t in any condition to answer questions for a while, so the driver was not apprehended for some time. Thanks to, I was able to obtain many 911 calls from witnesses who all described the incident and the car. One caller actually gave the tag number but didn’t stay to talk to the police. All of these 911 call recordings helped my attorney get the most money for my medical expenses from the driver’s insurance company.

Get911Calls was able to acquire the recordings for me at a fraction of the cost of my attorney, and it enabled me to focus on healing, and my attorney’s team to focus on my case. ~ Terrence L

Home Invasion
I was the victim of an attempted home invasion. When I heard my back door being kicked in, I grabbed my cell phone and ran to look out the window. I immediately started dialing 911.

The dispatcher asked me to describe the man at my back door. My description was detailed at the time, but later, when I tried to describe him to my attorney, my memory wasn’t so clear. I was worried this might result in him being released.

II found Get911Calls‘ web site and they were able to get my 911 call audio. It was incredible – my description was explicit as I looked straight at the man through my window. I even told the dispatcher that the back porch light was on, which helped in court.

My 911 call also corroborated by my Ring video and he was convicted. Having the 911 recording was great evidence in court. Marilyn H.




Loss of a child
My daughter died in a car accident while coming back home from the beach with three of her friends. There is no pain like losing a child, and nothing makes that pain go away. But not knowing what happened was torture for me. The other teens in the car lived, and two of them called 911, along with other witnesses at the scene of the crash.

I wanted to hear the 911 calls, I wanted to know everything that happened. Thanks to Get911Calls, I was able to get all of the recordings made the day of this tragic event that took my daughter’s life. It helped me to find some answers and some peace. ~Janice H.

A mom's nightmare

I got a phone call from my son’s school telling me that he had collapsed on the soccer field of a heart attack. We later learned it was a result of cardiomyopathy.

My son survived, but I was told several different accounts of what happened. I wanted to know exactly what happened that day at school. A friend suggested that I try to the 911 calls that were made from school that day. 

Get911Calls gathered all my information and went to work for me, obtaining several calls. It was such a incredible feeling to hear those calls and no longer be in the dark about that terrible day. ~Patty M.



Sick Grandma called 911
My grandma called 911 when she got so ill she couldn’t get up to the bathroom. She’d had a fever for two days and hadn’t been able to keep anything down. The EMT came and took her to the hospital and they were able to get her hydrated and her fever down.

We wanted to hear the 911 call to see how Grandma explained what was going on. We want her to be able to live at home, but we were concerned about her safety. Get911Calls got the 911 call recording and it really put our mind at ease. Grandma did a great job telling them exactly what was wrong, and clearly gave them her address. Being able to hear what actually happened. Thanks! ~Belinda W.

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