Get Your 911 Call Recording

A 911 call recording may be crucial evidence when you've had an emergency event. If you need a copy of a 911 call, let the experts handle it for you, for a fraction of the cost of an attorney and without having to get a court order. It's as easy as 1-2-3-4!

Why you might need a 911 audio recording

  • For evidence in your divorce case
  • For evidence in your child custody case
  • To obtain information about an in-home accident
  • For information for your auto insurance claim
  • For evidence in a criminal case
  • For closure in a fatal 9-1-1- call
  • For evidence in a civil case
  • Many other reasons
list of check boxes

Info checklist to order your 911 audio recording

  • Telephone number that made the 911 call
  • The city and state in which the event took place
  • The county in which the event took place
  • The name of the person who called 911
  • The address where emergency personnel were dispatched
  • The date (as detailed as possible) of the 911 call
  • The time of day (as close as possible) of the 911 call




It is important to order your 911 call recording quickly after an emergency situation because all 911 Call Centers purge their recorded audio after a designated period of time. If you wait too long to order, your audio may be forever unavailable.

When you place your order, in the “description field,” be sure to let us know if you have a court date or a deadline for receiving the audio or transcript.

4 Easy Steps

Step 1:
Click on any “Get911Calls Request Form” buttons throughout the web site

Step 2:
Fill out the form and pay your $20 deposit

Step 3:
Pay the balance due if your 911 audio recording is available

Step 4:
Receive an email with a link to download your 911 audio recording

Our Clients Tell Their 911 Call Stories

Sudden Cardiac Death
I️ worked with RJ at when I️ needed help finding my 911 call. He was always prompt and kept me filled in during every step of the search. This was an easy way to get closure for me by listening to the 911 call when I️ suffered from sudden cardiac death. I️ finally had the last puzzle piece to move on. Thank you!!! ~Mary H.

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Mom Died Home Alone
Mom wanted to continue living alone in her home after Dad died, even though we were several hours away. After she passed at home, I wanted a copy of the 911 call so I could hear her voice when she called to complain of chest pain. It was the last time anyone heard her speak, and although it was very sad, it was the closure I needed.I’m so thankful I was able to get mom’s 911 call. It helped us to know what happened in the final moments of her life.
~Trish B.

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Divorce and Domestic Abuse
I was in a legal battle with my ex-husband for alimony and needed evidence to prove my husband had been physically abusive. I just gave the folks at Get911Calls the date range and they were able to find the calls. Those 911 call recordings along with the other evidence helped prove my case of physical abuse. ~Roxie M.

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Near Drowning
Our son nearly drowned in the community pool and suffered acute respiratory distress syndrome. In the months following, he showed signs of muscle fatigue and some difficulty with physical activities. We were told that these 911 calls might give us clues as to how long it took for the lifeguard to attend to our son, and other information we might otherwise never know. Get911Calls was able to research and obtain several calls that were placed and it did help us immensely. ~John M.

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Auto Accident
I was involved in an auto accident that was not my fault. The other driver’s insurance company was refusing to pay for the expenses. Get911Calls got my 911 call from the accident and also a 911 call recording from a witness at the scene. This helped me get compensation for the emergency transport expenses. ~Jackie L.

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False Accusation
I was victim to road rage but the man who assaulted me accused me of instigating the fight and throwing the first punch. I was merely defending myself. Fortunately, there were many witnesses, several who called 911. Get911Calls was able to retrieve several of these calls, which proved my innocence. I didn’t even know the calls had been made! ~Larry W.

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